Producing is a fantastic way to get involved with productions from start to finish, with absolutely no experience required. Producers are vital to a shows success, leading the team and overseeing the production.

If you would prefer to get involved in something specific, then we have plenty of opportunities for you. From costume design to marketing, the opportunities are endless!

DST Freshers’ Play

Every year, Durham Student Theatre supports and puts on a Freshers’ Play. It is directed, produced, technical directed, and performed entirely by freshers. Most importantly, absolutely no previous experience is necessary. You will be given support if you need it by mentors in the year above. It’s a great opportunity to get stuck in creatively straight away, as well as meeting people who you are likely to be working with throughout you time at Durham!

What's a producer?

A common mistake is mixing up the roles of directors and producers. Whilst directors are responsible for shaping the show through rehearsals and working with the cast, the producer is responsible for making the show happen, including publicity, sourcing props and costumes, liaising with the venue, and general logistics. The producer will often oversee a larger production team full of individuals dedicated to different aspects of the production.

How do I get involved?

To become a producer you could start as an assistant producer or just throw yourself in to it from the beginning. Shows are always looking for producers and the key skills needed are organisation, communication skills and enthusiasm! Opportunities for producing and assistant producing are advertised in the weekly e-mail.

On many shows producers, especially large scale shows, producers will often work with an extensive creative team including costume designers, make-up artists, photographers and more. If you are more interested in specialised creative work find out about ways to get involved by joining our separate artistic opportunities mailing list, which unlike our general weekly e-mail you don’t need to be a DST member in order to receive. If you would like to know about current and upcoming artistic opportunities please feel free to e-mail our Publicity Officer Corinna Harrison at to ask to me added to the mailing list.