With over 80 productions a year, there are plenty of opportunities. As well as opportunities for budding directors, there are plenty of opportunities for musical directors, of musicals and operas, as well as choreographers. Most importantly, to do any of these things no previous experience is strictly necessary, and many go on to direct, musical direct, and choreograph prolifically despite never having done it before university. So why not give it a try?


Getting into directing at Durham is easy. Most theatre companies open applications for directors, and lots have open applications for directors to ‘pitch a production’ to them directly. All you have to do is apply. Take a look at what our theatre companies do here.

Musical Directors

There are lots of opportunities for musical directors in Durham. In the last year we have had opportunities for musical directors in musicals, operas, showcases, concerts, and more. There are also a lot of band opportunities in these productions if you are interested in performance.


Choreography is a really exciting opportunity in Durham. Aside from the obvious and prolific opportunities for choreographers in musicals, there are lots of plays which also send out calls to work in innovative ways with choreographers as well.

Assistant Schemes

For most positions in a production there is an assistant position also available, and theatre companies send out regular calls advertising these opportunities. These assistant positions are open to everyone, it’s as simple as applying!

Shadow Schemes

For most positions in a production there is also shadow position also available, and theatre companies, these are for people who do not have the most time or experince but want to learn from experienced directors. Theatre companies normally advertise for shadow roles every term and they are open to everyone!

DST Freshers’ Play

Every year, Durham Student Theatre supports and puts on a Freshers’ Play. It is directed, produced, technical directed, and performed entirely by freshers. Most importantly, absolutely no previous experience is necessary. You will be given support if you need it by mentors in the year above. It’s a great opportunity to get stuck in creatively straight away, as well as meeting people who you are likely to be working with throughout your time at Durham!