In the last year alone there were over 900 roles for actors in Durham Student Theatre (DST).

From plays and musicals, to opera and spoken word and more, there are plenty of ways to get involved as a performer. Most weeks there are at least one or two auditions taking place, which demand absolutely no previous experience.

Keep an eye out for notices, and make sure you come and audition!


Whether you fancy yourself as the next Benedict Cumberbatch or just want to have fun and meet like-minded people, DST offers a broad range of opportunities. From college pantos to tours in America, there is a huge scope for involvement.


We have two dedicated sketch troupes (KEITH. and The Durham Revue) as well as a stand-up society (the Stand) Also, new writing opportunities for full-length comedic plays (and other genres) are plentiful so there’s lots of opportunity for you to tickle our funny bones!


If singing is more your style, our theatre companies cover a whole range of performance styles including singing. In any one year you can get involved in musicals (including improvised musicals), operas, concerts and more.


From musical theatre dance choruses to contemporary theatre pieces and more, look out for exciting and interesting dance opportunities! If you like dancing, why not try your hand at creating the choreography? More information here.

Professional Exposure

If performing is your passion, we aim to provide you with as much professional exposure as possible. We run a variety of workshops with industry professionals throughout the year and an annual London showcase of finalists in front of professional agents. Find out more information about the London showcase here.

Frequently Asked Questions…

How do I find out about audition opportunities?
Audition opportunities are advertised through the weekly email which is available to all DST members. The weekly email goes out on a Sunday and includes all of the audition opportunities along with the details of where and when they are taking place. Audition opportunities are also often advertised via Facebook.

To find out more information about joining DST click here.

How do auditions work?
Auditions are often informal. After all, the director wants you to do well! You can turn up at any time unless they have asked you to sign up for a slot (often 6.30 – 9.30pm) and have a practice outside the room. If there is no one in, pop your head in and meet everyone. If there is someone already auditioning, just wait outside for them to be finished.

In a usual audition, you will not be expected to learn anything off by heart or bring props, dress in costumes etc. Pieces are often provided on the door, so just be yourself and go in with confidence!

Do musical auditions differ?
Yes, they do a little. Very often a musical will ask you to prepare a song and bring along sheet music (if you have it). However at these auditions you will often also read a section of dialogue as well in the usual fashion described above.
Will I be disadvantaged as a fresher?
Not at all! All parts are cast on merit and the audition performance not on previous experience. There is no ‘right’ way to audition, just be yourself in the room and give it your best shot. It can take a while to get used to the audition process and so do not be put off if you are not recalled at first.
What happens if I get a recall?
Recalls take place after the first round of auditions and are therefore a chance for those selected from the first round to give the text another go often as a pairing with another potential actor.

Recalls vary from director to director and so be prepared to be flexible. You may be recalled for more than one part – don’t let this put you off, the director probably sees a lot of potential in you, and just give both your best shot.