Directing The SpongeBob Musical has been a dream, and easily the most fun I have had on a production so far. The cast are unbelievably talented and exude the bubbly energy required for a show such as this. We have had the most  fun bringing Bikini Bottom to life.

Surprisingly, for a show as seemingly silly as Spongebob, there are so many important themes. The show explores the power of friendship, unity and inclusion – and as the characters work to save Bikini Bottom from ‘the end’ – these themes shine through. The cast are a powerhouse combination of impressive dancers, powerful vocalists and hilarious actors, and it has been my pleasure to direct them. 

I must thank my Choreographer and Assistant Director, Anna, as I could not have done this show without her. Her choreography brings such a vital energy to the show, and the vibrancy of the ensemble numbers is testament to her involvement. The Musical Directors Kyle and Dana, assisted by Carl, have contributed enormously to the success of this show. The SpongeBob score is filled with a range of styles and composers (from David Bowie to Aerosmith) and they have worked so hard to teach all of this in just six weeks. 

Bringing Bikini Bottom to the Assembly Rooms theatre is no easy task, and my incredible Production Designer, Carrie, has been a delight to collaborate with. I distinctly remember the first sketch of the stage design and I was completely blown away by all the intricate details they had accounted for. 

Whether or not you are a fan of the animated series, I encourage you to come and watch The SpongeBob Musical. It is just so much more than a story about a sponge that lives in a pineapple, and I’m sure you will leave the theatre feeling bright and uplifted.

Text: Emma Race, Image: Ooook! Productions