Durham Student Theatre workshops are organised for of DST members. Whether they are focussed on writing, producing, teching, acting or directing, the aim of each workshop is to widen skillsets, as well as to provide experience and career know-how.
Did you know...

In 2013, Russell Crowe held a workshop for DST members!

Types of workshops

Workshops are run all through the year. They vary from starter workshops (such as introduction to auditioning, introduction to directing) at the start of the year to professionally led workshops run by seasoned professionals. Workshops run all of the way through the year (except during exam time).

We are also delighted to advertise external workshops in Newcastle, such as the 2017 Puppetry Festival.


Alongside our workshops, DST also holds a variety of socials throughout the year. These are a great chance to get to know members in the older years as well as meeting like minded theatrical friends.

The highlight of the social calendar is the aptly named – ‘D’Oscars’ which take place after exams. The ‘D’Oscars’ is an evening of celebration of the top theatrical achievements throughout the year.