Durham Student Theatre (DST) has a regular presence at the annual Edinburgh Festival Fringe: the world’s largest international arts festival. It is the ideal location to demonstrate Durham’s theatrical talent to worldwide theatre audiences. DST aims to not only maintain its attendance at the Fringe every year, but to also increase the number of shows which are able to attend, through funding and support.

2019 Edfringe Programme

We are so proud of the following DST productions that went to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019:

Sing, Sing, Sing (Full Score)

MUSIC Performing songs from a range of different styles – including jazz, musical theatre, pop and folk music – there is sure to be something for everyone.

theSpace @ Surgeon’s Hall, Theatre 1 @ 14:05, 19-24 August

Wheel of Improv: Musicals Edition (Durham Improvised Musical)

IMPROV/MUSIC Join us – Durham Improvised Musical – for an evening of totally improvised musical comedy where YOU create the show. We take your suggestions for a location, title and song that must appear in our musical and write them up onto our spinning Wheel of Improv! Give us your craziest, wackiest and most outrageous suggestions and let the spin decide our fates!

theSpace @ Triplex Studio @ 21.45, 19-24 August

A Riff in Time (Northern Lights)

ACCAPELLA/MUSIC After sell-out shows in 2017 and 2018, Durham University’s award-winning Northern Lights return with their most ambitious and best show yet.

theSpace @ Surgeons Hall @ 12:35 19-24 August

Skylight (Lion Theatre Company)

THEATRE When Kyra Hollis receives an unexpected visit from her ex-lover Tom Sergeant on a London evening, the two attempt to rekindle their previously passionate relationship. 

theSpace @ Niddry St. – Upper Theatre @ 10:10, 19-24 August

The Durham Revue Edinburgh Fringe

Unnatural Disaster (The Durham Revue)

SKETCH COMEDY Join award-winning sketch comedy troupe, The Durham Revue, as they celebrate the final hour of human existence.

Underbelly, Cowgate – White Belly @ 16:00, 1-11, 13-25 August

Ophelia is Also Dead (Sightline Productions)

“Do you know what it’s like to drown?”
Ophelia is very tired of dying, and she’s finally ready to talk. All singing, all dancing, watch as Ophelia goes from Natalie Portman to David Bowie, kindness to madness, to muddy death.

Winner of Best Writing, Best Director, Best Technical Design and Best Female Actor at the Durham Drama Festival 2019.

theSpace @ Niddry Street @ 22:20 19-24 August

Bedlam (Wrong Tree Theatre)

PHYSICAL THEATRE Immerse yourself in the infamous Victorian asylum, where identity becomes a distant memory in cycles of routine and human cruelty.

Sweet Grassmarket – Grassmarket 2 @ 16:30 2-18 August

Ladies Who Lunch (Fourth Wall)

THEATRE ally has enemies. Or she thinks she does. The problem is, they are all old friends.
Gathered around a bistro table after 30 years of silence, five mothers pour out their parenting experiences for dissection. Motherhood may be the ultimate competition, but what’s the prize? Who’s done it well? Who’s plagued by regrets and who deep down wishes they had never done it at all?

Greenside @ Infirmary Street, Ivy Studio @ 10.05am 2-16 August

Hamlet (Durham University Classical Theatre)


THEATRE DUCT presents a modern-day twist on the classic, drawing parallels to contemporary mental health issues, illustrating the destructive properties it can have on both relationships and ourselves from the perspective of a female Hamlet.


theSpace on North Bridge – Fife Theatre @ 11:05 2-3, 5-10 August

Poseidon’s Playhouse (Suffragette Theatre Company and First Theatre Company)

ABSURDIST COMEDY When Ned books a weekend retreat with the church funds and emotionally blackmails the parish into joining him, a huge storm breaks loose, and all pre-existing tensions explode to the surface.

Greenside, Nicolson Square – Lime Studio @ 21.55pm 2-10th August

Alumni at Edfringe

Ed Gamble: Work in Progress

STAND-UP In his ‘year off’ from Fringe, Gamble returns with a work in progress!

Progress (Trip Hazards)

As far back as they can remember, Jasmine and Nikhil have been in a room with a dance mat, trying to win the iconic arcade game Dance Dance Revolution. It hasn’t been going as well as they had hoped. Recently named one of the Guardian’s Best Emerging Theatre Companies, Trip Hazards presents Progress: a playful and painful exploration of how friendship survives when we win and when we lose.

Nish Kumar: It’s in Your Nature to Destroy Yourselves

STAND-UP Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee and host of The Mash Report trials new material for a national tour.

Tokyo Rose (Burnt Lemon Theatre)

Turn back the dial to 1949. Iva d’Aquino stands accused of treason in one of the most controversial trials in American history. Faced with accusations of peddling Axis propaganda, Iva becomes known as the notorious Tokyo Rose – but was she the villain she was made out to be? Five female wartime disc jockeys spit piercing verse in a rap-packed musical broadcast going live in 5, 4, 3… 

Bible John (Caitlin McEwan)

THEATRE/NEW WRITING 1969 at the Barrowlands Ballroom in Glasgow, three women are murdered by an Old Testament-quoting serial killer, nicknamed Bible John. He’s never been caught. 2019, four women bound by their obsession with true crime want to change that. A riotous, furious, joyful exploration of violence, gender, and one of Scotland’s darkest mysteries. Samuel French New Play Award 2017. **** (Scotsman). **** (Stage).

Tappuccino (Brunch Bunch Theatre)

Brunch Bunch Theatre Company presents Tappuccino! A brand-new interactive, playful and joyous show that follows a tap-dancing coffee bean on her adventures across the world! From befriending a barista to saving the rainforests, though this bean is little, she has big dreams and dares to be different. Told through original songs, tap dancing and circus, this show is pure magic and promises to be a ‘sweet theatrical experience like no other.