Wrong Tree theatre is a collaborative theatre company that focuses on storytelling through devised physical theatre. Our shows invite creative talent seeking to produce contemporary, compelling theatre whether that be fully scripted or plotted, or devised from zero. Our emphasis on physical theatre means that our shows normally at least have some aspect of focused movement whether that be continuously throughout, or just certain scenes.

We also pride ourselves on taking at least one Wrong Tree show to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe every year, meaning our company has the chance to showcase its work to people from all over the world!

With Wrong Tree, every year remains excitingly new as we build on our existing legacy.

Previous Shows:

Das Weben:

“It is a beautifully written piece of drama that creates a modern and unique perspective on the traditional fairy tales that we all grew up with” (Palatinate) 

The Tempest:

“A production full of magic and wonder, love and comedy, in what is a demonstration of some of Durham’s finest talents” (First Night) 


“Delivery represents the best that Durham has to offer in terms of both writing and acting, and the creativity on display was incredibly unique” (First Night)