Trevelyan College Musical Society (TCMS) offers an inclusive, friendly and relaxed environment. We produce high quality, high spirited, musical theatre that goes down a storm!

Coming out of our most profitable year in recent history, we look forward to welcoming fresh faces with new ideas. Our Epiphany term productions tend to focus on big shows with big budgets (such as ‘Legally Blonde’ and ‘The Addams Family’). Running over several months, the ample time for socials and rehearsals not only promises a polished performance, but builds a tight-knit cast and crew, creating friendships that last long beyond the shows! However, if you’re looking for a faster pace, our post-exam Summer productions are run more intensively, taking place within a matter of weeks.

TCMS offers a range of roles in both production and performance. Whether your interests lie in performance, tech, music or management, we have a place for you, regardless of previous experience. We run on a Trevs-priority basis, but readily welcome students from other colleges into the fold. We hope to see you at our auditions!

Previous Shows:


“This production is a delight from start to finish” (First Night) 

Legally Blonde: 

“TCMS’s production of Legally Blonde is an enjoyable musical with a superb cast” (Palatinate)

The Addams Family: 

“This show will live on, exemplifying the excellence that has come to be associated with TCMS” (Palatinate)