A theatre company providing an open, fostering platform for upcoming theatre makers and emerging writers alike. Pitch us your production, it’s as simple as that.

Pitch Productions was established in 2015 with the hope that it would provide a more open and transparent way of allowing DST members to put on shows. We are an avenue for the hundreds of members who don’t sit on executive committees and therefore don’t have much say in which shows are performed termly.

We choose shows on the merit of the application and have often worked with directors and writers on their debut production to great success. Our recent productions have been vast in range of style and subject, from experimental student writing to musicals to Shakespeare. We always endeavour to ensure involvement with Pitch Productions is greatly enjoyable, whilst ensuring a high degree of professionalism along with support and advice. Applications open termly.

Previous Shows:


“Every member of its team was an essential part in producing a masterful piece of student theatre” (First Night) 

Angels in America:

“It was a thought-provoking and meaningful display that highlights the talents within Durham Student Theatre” (First Night)

Women of the Manor:

“Every cast member’s characterisation was assured and pleasing, resulting ultimately in a cohesive ensemble” (Palatinate)