Durham Student Theatre acts as a umbrella society, representing Durham’s most successful theatre companies. This year we have 33 constituent theatre companies. Read more about them below, and click on the logos to find out more!

University-Wide Theatre Companies

DST Theatre Companies are facilitated by Experience Durham and each one brings something unique to our theatre scene.

Buttered Toast

President: Elise Garcon

Specialises in new writing, producing showcases for emerging writers.


Durham Improvised Musical

President: Isabel Raby

Durham Improvised Musical is just what it says on the tin.

Durham Opera Ensemble

President: Lily McNeil

The university’s leading opera group.

Contact: [email protected]


The Durham Revue

Presidents: Daisy Hargreaves & Ben Lycett

Established in 1974, The Durham Revue is Durham’s longest-running sketch comedy troupe.

Contact: [email protected]

Durham University Audio Drama Society

President: Emily Tarbuck

An inclusive place for audio storytelling. We produce high quality audio dramas in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Contact: [email protected]

Durham University Classical Theatre

President: Lauren Brewer

DUCT is committed to producing the best of classical theatre. We focus on theatre written or set over 100 years ago. We also have a competitive classical acting showcase to focus on technique as well.

Contact: [email protected]


Durham University Light Opera Group

President: Miriam Templeman

DULOG is Durham’s largest musical theatre society.

Contact: [email protected]

First Theatre Company

President: Ben Willows

1TC aims to provide support and opportunities for first-time directors and producers.

Contact: [email protected]


Fourth Wall

President: Imogen Marchant

Fourth Wall is dedicated to staging high-quality modern works.

Contact: [email protected]


President: Emily Oliver

KEITH. specialise in off-the-wall sketch comedy.

Ooook! Productions

President: Peter Firbank

Ooook! is a friendly and outreaching theatre company, specialising in comedy productions.

Pitch Productions

President: Saniya Saraf

A new theatre company providing an open, fostering platform for theatre makers and emerging writers alike.

Contact: [email protected]

Sightline Productions

President: Honor Douglas

Sightline Productions is an outreach theatre company providing a platform for the underrepresented.

Contact: [email protected]

Suffragette Theatre Company

Presidents: Ben Smart & Charlie Barnett  

 Suffragette is a theatre society that  specialises in politically-charged and inspired theatre, and welcome all who are interested!

The Stand

President: Sascha Lowdermilk-Oppenheim & Ivo Pope

Durham’s best, worst and only stand-up comedy society.

Contact: [email protected]


Tone Deaf Theatre Company

Presidents: Will Drake & Jennifer Leigh

TDTC was founded with with the aim of bringing small cast modern musicals to Durham.

Contact: [email protected]

Ultraviolet Theatre Company

President: Aaron Rozanski

UVTC explores inventive and bold storytelling, combining film, music and dance with traditional spoken-word theatre.

Contact: [email protected]

Wrong Tree

President: Charlie Culley

Durham’s only devised theatre group, focusing on ensemble practice.

Contact: [email protected]

College Theatre Companies

Each College in Durham has their own resident theatre company that posses the friendly and inclusive atmospheres expected from colleges! Many of these TCs depite thier home colleges are open to all students so don’t rule them out without checking!

12 South Theatre

President: Emily Orr

St. Cuthbert’s college theatrical society, offering both university-wide and college-only productions.

Bailey Theatre Company

President: Catherine Turner

St John’s College’s resident theatre company: an inclusive and dynamic community, staging both university-wide and college-only productions.

Contact: [email protected]

Blizzard Theatre Company

President:  Eleanor McIntyre

John Snow’s resident theatre company, with a friendly and inclusive atmosphere.

Castle Theatre Company

President: Saniya Saraf

CTC is the oldest and one of the largest theatre companies, staging shows within Durham Castle.

Contact: [email protected]

Green Door Theatre Company

President: Caitlin Barratt

Green Door is St Chad’s College’s resident theatre company.

Contact: [email protected]

Feather Theatre Company

Presidents: Emma Bragg & Jasmine Box

Van Mildert’s official theatre company produces high-quality productions with an emphasis on fun and inclusivity. We stage six performances a year with both open auditions and Mildert-only shows.

Contact: [email protected] 

Hild Bede Theatre

Presidents: Lauren Brewer & Anna Pycock

Hild Bede Theatre is the largest college drama society in Durham. A vibrant community staging a minimum of three shows a year.

Contact: [email protected]

Foot of the Hill Theatre

President: Sophie Tice 

Foot of the Hill Theatre Company (FHTC) is based at St Mary’s College, and stages a range of productions involving both Mary’s students and students from other colleges.

Lion Theatre Company

President: Tom Cain

Lion Theatre Company (LTC), Hatfield College’s drama society.

Contact: [email protected]

Phoenix Theatre Company

Presidents: Natasha Ketel & Anna Birakos

Grey College’s very own theatre company, which strives to help both Grey and non-Grey students alike realise their theatrical visions.

Rocket! Theatre Company

President: James Murray

Stephenson College’s theatre company; Rocket! Theatre Company aims to support writing and stories from the North East, and to collaborate with its fellow college theatre companies.

Sixth Side Theatre

President: Meg Luesley

Sixth Side is Trevs’ resident theatre company, providing at least two performances of non-musical shows per year with our own hexagonal flair. 

Student Theatre At Butler

President: Ethan Roy

Josephine butler’s own theatre company, and the latest edition to DST.

Trevelyan College Musical Society

President: Martha Page

Trevelyan College Musical Society provides the college’s annual musical, created and performed by the fantastic talent of Trevelyan students!



Presidents: Jemima Abate & Lauren Williams 

Woodplayers perform four shows each year – including a musical, and are based at Collingwood college.

Contact: [email protected]