Durham Student Theatre acts as a umbrella society, representing Durham’s most successful theatre companies. This year we have 35 constituent theatre companies. Read more about them below, and click on the logos to find out more!

University-Wide Theatre Companies

DST Theatre Companies are facilitated by Experience Durham and each one brings something unique to our theatre scene.

Durham Opera Ensemble

President: Leo Zagorac

DOE is Durham’s leading opera society that puts on at least three operatic productions or concerts each year, ranging from fully staged opera to concert operas and operettas.

Contact:  [email protected]  [email protected]


The Durham Revue

Presidents: Leah Pinter & Tansy Adam

Established in 1974, The Durham Revue is Durham’s longest-running sketch comedy troupe.

Contact:  [email protected]

Durham University Audio Drama Society

President: Emily Tarbuck

An inclusive place for audio storytelling. We produce high quality audio dramas in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Contact:  [email protected]

Durham University Classical Theatre

President: Ellen Olley

DUCT is committed to producing high quality productions of plays written over a hundred years ago.

Contact:  [email protected]


Durham University Light Opera Group

President: Xanthe Gibson

DULOG is Durham’s largest musical theatre society.

Contact: [email protected]

First Theatre Company

President: Maddie Hurley

1TC aims to provide support and opportunities for first-time directors and producers.

Contact: [email protected]


Fourth Wall

Presidents: Bella Chapman & Alfie Cook

Entertaining with original/ contemporary theatre, actively encouraging inclusivity and experimental theatre.

Contact:              [email protected]


President: Christian Gale

KEITH specialises in off-the-wall sketch comedy – it’s an open-to-all group where anything goes!


Contact: [email protected]


Ooook! Productions

President: Rhiannon Morgan

Ooook! is a friendly and outreaching theatre company, specialising in comedy productions.

Contact: [email protected]


Pitch Productions

President: Jodie Sale

A theatre company providing an open, fostering platform for upcoming theatre makers and emerging writers alike. Pitch us your production, it’s as simple as that.

Contact: [email protected]



Polloi Productions

President: Nora Harper-East

Polloi Productions is a brand new company which aims to be the most inclusive in DST, whilst focusing on classical genres.

Contact: Polloi Facebook Messenger

Sightline Productions

President: Barney Watts

Sightline Productions is an outreach theatre company. Our goal is to provide a platform to increase and improve the representation of underrepresented ideas, identities, or groups within Durham.

Contact: Sightline Facebook Messenger




President: Mitch Walker

Shellshock! is Durham University’s only Improvised Comedy Society, fighting a lone battle to bring unpremeditated laughter into student life.

Contact: Shellshock Facebook Messenger

Suffragette Theatre Company

President: Honor Calvert

Suffragette Theatre Company is a now independent theatre company that focuses on political and provocative theatre.

Contact: IG Inbox

The Stand

President: Sascha Lowdermilk-Oppenheim & Ivo Pope

Durham’s best, worst and only stand-up comedy society.

Contact:  [email protected]


Tone Deaf Theatre Company

President: Oscar Scott

TDTC was founded in 2010 with the aim of bringing small-cast modern musicals to Durham.

Contact:      [email protected]

Walkabout Productions

Presidents: Tully Hyams & Max Shanagher

Walkabout Productions is Durham’s first student theatre company to specialise in fully immersive theatre.

Contact: IG Inbox

Wrong Tree

President: Raphael Kris

Wrong Tree theatre is a collaborative theatre company that focuses on storytelling through devised physical theatre.

Contact: [email protected]

Yoghurt Theatre Society

President: Yibu Jin

We create an inclusive and diverse space for theatre in Chinese languages, filling the blanks with words that are otherwise unspoken.

Contact:        [email protected]

College Theatre Companies

Each College in Durham has their own resident theatre company that posses the friendly and inclusive atmospheres expected from colleges! Many of these TCs depite thier home colleges are open to all students so don’t rule them out without checking!

12 South Theatre

President: Meg McCubbin

St. Cuthbert’s Society’s resident theatre company offering both university-wide and college-only productions.

Contact: 12 South Facebook Messenger

Bailey Theatre Company

President: Peter Houston

St John’s College’s resident theatre company: an inclusive and dynamic community, staging both university-wide and college-only productions.

Contact:  [email protected]

Blizzard Theatre Company

President:  George Thomas

John Snow’s resident theatre company, with a friendly and inclusive atmosphere.

Contact: [email protected]


Castle Theatre Company

President: Oscar Scott

CTC is the oldest, one of the largest, and most successful theatre companies in Durham.

Contact: [email protected]

Evangeline Theatre

Presidents: Rosaleen Tite Ahern & Nathaniel Chilton

Josephine Butler’s resident theatre company, aiming to put an innovative spin on traditional theatre in a friendly and inclusive environment.

Contact: IG Inbox

Feather Theatre Company

President: Josh Brooks

Van Mildert’s official theatre company produces high-quality productions with an emphasis on fun and inclusivity. We stage six performances a year with both open auditions and Mildert-only shows.

Contact: Feather Facebook Messenger

Foot of the Hill Theatre

Presidents: Melissa Redman & Jacob Vellucci

A Mary’s-based theatre company, focusing on comedic theatre & encouraging fresh faces to join DST.

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Green Door Theatre Company

President: Maria Galimberti

Green Door is St Chad’s College’s resident theatre company, but so much more!

Contact: Green Door Facebook Messenger

Hild Bede Theatre

Presidents: Emily Phillips & Francesca Horgan

Hild Bede Theatre is the largest college drama society in Durham. A vibrant community staging a minimum of three shows a year.

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Lion Theatre Company

Presidents: Louis Renouf & Jess Painter

Lion Theatre Company (LTC), Hatfield College’s drama society.

Contact: Lion Facebook Messenger

Perception Theatre Company

President: Louise Coggrave

South College’s Resident Theatre Company

Contact: Perception Facebook Messenger

Phoenix Theatre Company

Presidents: Genevieve Gaul

Though based in Grey, we aim to give all Durham students easy access to theatre in a fun, social and inclusive environment. We run full-scale productions while also offering casual drama sessions.

Contact: [email protected]

Rocket! Theatre Company

President: Emily Browning

Stephenson College’s theatre company; Rocket! Theatre Company aims to support all varieties of writing, stories and theatre styles and to collaborate with its fellow college theatre companies.

Contact: IG Inbox

Sixth Side Theatre

President: Ben Cawood

Sixth Side is Trevs’ resident theatre company, providing numerous performances of non-musical shows per year, for Trevs and non-Trevs students alike, with our own hexagonal flair.

Contact: [email protected] 

Trevelyan College Musical Society

Presidents: Milly Wicks & Clara Dammann

Trevelyan College Musical Society (TCMS) offers an inclusive, friendly and relaxed environment. We produce high quality, high spirited, musical theatre that goes down a storm!

Contact: TCMS Facebook Messenger



Presidents: Issey Dodd & Olivia Wilson

Woodplayers is Collingwood’s resident theatre company, and we are passionate about working with people of all experience and confidence levels to make fun, engaging and thought-provoking work.

Contact: [email protected] or IG Inbox