The DST First Night newsletter for Epiphany 2021 has arrived!

With contributions from sixteen students, it honours some of what DST has been getting up to in the last term, from the success of Durham Drama Festival, CTC and GDTC’s literary adaptation of Frankenstein to Sightline’s exciting Trans and Gender-diverse project. We celebrate the new Sproxton Stagecraft Scholarship, helping with the livings costs of a new DST techie, and salute our current DST Technical Manager. In addition, First Night interviews alumna Ambika Mod, now an actor, comedian and writer engaged in projects with the BBC and Channel 4. Four freshers give us their perspective on theatre in a pandemic, exploring their unique experience of starting out in DST, and another explores the impact of the online on class and access to theatre. Lastly, the DST exec give their recommendations for finding your theatre fix in the absence of in-person performances.

The existence of this newsletter and the living theatrical world reflect the most striking aspect of DST, tested and strengthened by the pandemic: the resilience and innovation of its community, striving to create and connect despite the distance between us. Thank you to each of our contributors for your creativity and kindness; your dedication is beyond appreciated. To our virtual audience, I hope you enjoy reading: here is a snippet of what DST can do.

Check out and download a PDF of the newsletter hereView the newsletter on Issuu here.