We are so excited that 10 different DST shows are travelling up to Edinburgh to perform at the fringe festival this year. This year’s productions range from student written plays and sketch comedy to an a capella show and contemporary musical theatre, and comprise of  over 100 individuals from Durham University.
The Fringe Festival this year runs from the 4th-28th August, with Durham’s first shows opening on August 4th. Come and support some of Durham University’s highest quality theatre across Edinburgh this summer!


Durham University Light Opera Group

C Main (+2) 2nd – 19th August

‘Edges’ is a song cycle that follows four individuals’ journeys as they step onto the ladder of adult life. From the Tony-award winning creatives behind the Broadway hit ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ and the Oscar-winning ‘La La Land’, ‘Edges’ is a hilarious, contemporary show about friends posing questions like who do I want to be become. Featuring musical favourites such as ‘In Short’ and the Facebook song ‘Be My Friend’, this is a performance you don’t want to miss!


Northern Lights

SpaceTriplex ‘Big’ Aug 14th – 19th August

‘The vocals are fantastic’ (Palatinate.org.uk). ‘The highlight of my Fringe’ (Audience Review 2016). If you come to one a cappella show during your time at the Fringe, make it this one. Durham’s award-winning Northern Lights return to the Fringe for their biggest and best show to date. This is a full-length, fully choreographed a cappella show featuring award-winning soloists and vocal percussion. With an eclectic mix of self-arranged chart toppers and stripped-down ballads, Northern Lights are excited to throw themselves back into the excitement of the Scottish capital.


Durham Revue

Underbelly, Cowgate 3rd-27th August (not 15th)

Back with a new troupe and 100% new material, come and see the renowned Durham Revue perform their own brand of ‘masterful’ (Three Weeks) sketch comedy! Known for their irreverent style, and peerless chemistry, they are ‘highly professional, wonderfully witty and perfectly paced’ (Broadway Baby). From the group that brought you Jeremy Vine, Alex MacQueen, Nish Kumar, Ed Gamble, Tom Neenan, and Massive Dad, and as seen on stages across Durham, Oxford, Cambridge, Leeds, and Edinburgh, this is student comedy at its finest! WINNER: Derek Award for Best Sketch Comedy Show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016


Castle Theatre Company

C Main (+2) 2nd – 15th August

‘I thought they wanted soldiers.’ Four long years later, Toll realised the army wanted much more from him. Join Oliver Clemence Soanes, or ‘Toll’ to his friends, as he recalls his memories of the so called ‘Great’ War. From plucky recruit to shell-shocked survivor, this is a true story of the horrors of a war unlike any other.


Buttered Toast

Ivy Studio, Greenside @ Infirmary Street 3rd-12th August and 14th-19th August

‘Wonderful comic timing, snappy writing and flawless physicality’ ‘mesmerising’ (thebubble.org.uk) ‘the energy blew the audience away’ (Palatinate.org.uk) A ghostwriter and his best friend work tirelessly to create the greatest book ever written. A book of short stories about love, religion, friendship and spiders. Except, they didn’t write a single word. Kevin Spacey wrote it. Kevin Spacey wrote everything. This four time Durham Drama Festival award-winner by Durham Revue regular Andrew Shires makes its Fringe debut.


Fourth Wall

Serenity Cafe  as PBH Free Fringe festival 5 – 18th August

Kristofferson Park Residences Committee is like any other residential committee. They squabble over who picked an apple from the tree without prior permission, walking too close to one another’s windows, and why that back gate is quite so squeaky. Taking the form of a year’s worth of minutes from their meetings, it soon becomes clear that the events of Kristofferson Park (much like the political events of recent times) are about to take a turn for the unexpected.


Wrong Tree

Lauriston Hall The Large Hall & Small Hall, (large hall 14th – 17th and small hall 18th – 19th)

Inspired by the mesmerising short stories of Daphne du Maurier, and echoing their affecting qualities, ‘Tales of East Wind’ incorporates a spectrum of nautical elements: haunting ghost-ship stories, raucous shanty songs and compelling physical set-pieces, this production plunges you into the seafaring life. The final tale is set on an isolated, barren island, with many years elapsed since any outside contact. A terrible storm comes in and the island awakes to a brig in the bay, consequently alcohol, cigarettes and foreign desires infiltrate the islanders and their harmony. ‘Tales of East Wind’ will entertain and unnerve audiences in equal measure.


Wrong Tree

Lauriston Hall The Large Hall & Small Hall, 7th – 12th August (large hall)

Twenty years ago the Professor’s grandfather went missing. Working in his old greenhouse trying to solve the mystery of his disappearance has been cramped and perhaps she would have given up the search for him, until… Mysterious men in suits, an old sea dog and a millionaire’s miniature maker all mark her journey to a distant and humid land. In the true spirit of storytelling, where magic, puppetry and mythology are alive and well, Wrong Tree’s Souvenirs is a tale of adventure. Its trinkets and mementos, though, might not prove so nostalgic.


Wrong Tree

Lauriston Hall The Large Hall & Small Hall, 21st – 27th August (small hall)

Offered a chance to cheat the hangman’s noose, a man is drawn into the cycle of the seasons, imbued with love, blood and remembrance lost. Solstice is a physical and musical piece which draws on Norse mythology to illustrate the passing of the seasons through the transition of mythical monarchs of Summer and Winter. A condemned man is forced into the role of guiding seasonal change with no recollection of his former life.


Pheonix Theatre Company

theSpace @ Surgeon’s Hall (Theatre 2) 14 – 26th August

Jesus here! Belief in Dad is at an all-time low, but pre-marital sex is at an all-time high. So, He’s trying to rebrand by starring in His very first sex comedy. He’s got poor Cupid traipsing around after some dirty-minded northern girl in this “new universe” he’s created. And don’t even get me started on the unrealistic male beauty standards! No real man is that muscular or that… Spanish! And no one looks so at home in jeans that tight. Honestly, the whole thing is a bit midlife crisis. So, please don’t come, I’m so embarrassed…