On the 21st June we attempted to put an end to the age old question: Who would win in a fight? The weak? Or the feeble?*

*Unfortunately fisticuffs are out fashion currently so we have settled for a marginally less violent football match instead.

The 21st of June at 2pm saw a charity football match between Music Durham and Durham Student Theatre at Collingwood College. The match was an enjoyable affair between hopelessly uncoordinated actors and musicians alike (so needless to say there was a lot of unnecessary diving and a fair few off sides.) With the ‘halftime’ being called ‘interval’ and the ‘crowd’ being called ‘audience’ it was a very enjoyable afternoon show!

The final score was a 7-4 victory to Music Durham, with Man of the Match going to Ed Rees.
But more importantly, Music Durham and Durham Student Theatre managed to raise £50.43 for Mind!

We look forward to seeing you next year!