Introducing our complete programme for Epiphany Term!

We’re thrilled to be welcoming all of these fantastic shows, and best of luck to everyone involved!

‘Seussical’ by Durham University Light Opera Group

16th – 20th January

Come and join your favourite Dr Seuss characters, including Horton, The Cat in the Hat, Gertrude McFuzz and Mayzie La Bird on a journey through the Jungle of Nool, a magical place where “anything’s possible”. Including incredibly catchy songs, fantastic dancing, broadway vibes, crazy costumes and a wacky and colourful set, this show is not one to miss!

‘Vincent River’ by Pitch Productions

16th – 18th January

Anita’s son Vincent has recently been killed in a homophobic attack and she’s having to pack up her life and move. Davey found Vincent’s body. Set in Anita’s rundown flat and played out in real time, we watch as the lives of these two people collide due to horrific circumstance. As the plot unfolds with many a twist and turn, we see and hear the things we least expect.

‘The Events’ by Cuth’s Drama Society

17th – 20th January

Claire, a female priest who leads a choir in a community setting experiences something terrible – a young man she vaguely knew turns a gun on those who ‘aren’t from here’ in an attempt to make his mark on society. Inspired in part by the 2011 Norway Terror attacks, The Events is an unflinching look into understanding such horror, and if a community can repair themselves from the unthinkable.

‘Lela and Co.’ by Sightline Productions

18th – 20th January

First there was the mattress. Then more bolts on the front door; the gun; the locked cupboard. Lela knew in her heart that these changes were bad. This dark two-hander is Lela’s attempt to have the truth about her life heard for the first time. Based on a true story, Lela & Co is a harrowing critique of patriarchal violence and commodification.

‘No Strings Attached’ by The Durham Revue

21st and 28th January

The Revue returns with a spanking new troupe and 100% brand new and never-before-seen material! For two nights only, enjoy the debut performance of The Durham Revue 2017/8 for an evening of sketch comedy.

‘Julius Caesar’ by Phoenix Theatre Company

25th – 27th January

The year is 2017 AD and democracy is dying. Only Brutus and his conspirators stand between Caesar and absolute power, but will tyrannicide be enough to save the republic? Shakespeare’s political thriller is reimagined for the era of post-truth populism.

‘Inferno’ by Wrong Tree Theatre

1st – 3rd February

Invited by Lucifer to see his empire, a young lawyer journeys down beyond the Earthly realm. What she finds there calls into question everything she believes in. Can she save the souls she deems worthy? Or will Lucifer drag her down to join him…

‘A Murder is Announced’ by Castle Theatre Company

3rd – 4th February

An announcement in the local paper reads ‘A Murder is Announced and will take place on Friday, October the thirteenth, a little Paddocks -at six-thirty p.m.’ Six thirty arrives and someone is killed -enter Miss Marple to solve the mystery.

Durham Drama Festival

4th – 10th February

Durham Drama Festival returns in its 43rd year with nine brand new student-written shows! Featuring comedies, dramas, clowning and much more, there’s something for everyone!

‘Feet of Clay’ by Ooook! Productions

15th – 17th February

The City-Watch is forced into action when Ankh-Morpork’s seemingly untouchable patrician shows signs of falling prey to the world’s slowest assassination attempt. They might just save him if they can apprehend the traceless murderer wreaking havoc across their city…

‘Guys and Dolls’ by Trevelyan College Musical Society

14th – 17th February

TCMS warmly invites you to its main production: ‘Guys and Dolls’!! The classic musical comedy, full of high-stakes gambling, heart-warming romance and show-stopping numbers, all in the hill’s most hexagonal auditorium. A musical extravaganza not to be missed!

‘The Magic Flute’ by Durham Opera Ensemble

16th – 17th February

Enter a mythical world between the sun and moon, it’s a tale filled with adventure, romance and comedy as we follow the quest of Papageno and Prince Tamino in their search for wisdom and love.

‘Jerusalem’ by Letterbox Productions

22nd – 24th February

‘Jerusalem’ tells the story of compulsive liar and drug dealer Johnny “Rooster” Byron and his stand against modern suburban life but his lifestyle is put into question when he wakes up on St George’s Day with an eviction notice.

‘Cabaret’ by Hild Bede Theatre

22nd – 24th February

In a Berlin nightclub, as the 1920’s draw to a close, a garish Master of Ceremonies welcomes the audience and assures them they will forget all their troubles at the Cabaret. With the Emcee’s bawdy songs as wry commentary, Cabaret explores the dark, heady, and tumultuous life of Berlin’s natives and expatriates as Germany slowly yields to the emerging Third Reich.

‘Fat Men in Skirts’ by Aidan’s College Theatre

23rd – 24th February

‘Fat Men in Skirts’ chronicles the darkly humorous and tragic disintegration of the Hogan family. The family’s destruction is catalysed by the play-opening plane crash in which Phyllis Hogan and her 11-year old son Bishop are stranded on a deserted island. As his family struggles to survive, patriarch Howard Hogan becomes more involved with his porn-star mistress Pam back at home. Once the family reunites, the four characters clash with disastrous results.

‘A Doll’s House’ by St Chad’s College Green Door Theatre Company

23rd – 25th February

Nora lives a comfortable, middle-class life in the late 1800s. She feels restricted by society and comes to evaluate her role in this oppressive patriarchy. A Doll’s House remains to be of the most thought-provoking plays ever written.

LGBT+ History Month Showcase by Pitch Productions

25th February

Join Pitch Productions and the Durham LGBT+ Association for a one-night celebration of LGBT+ History Month, all in aid of charity! By turns comedic, moving and honest, this showcase shines a light on the experiences of the LGBT+ community in Durham and beyond.

‘She Loves Him, He Loves Her Not’ by the Society of the Theatrical Arts at Butler

28th February

‘She loves him, He loves her not’ is a commedia dell arte play set in Italy. The plot follows loyal servants, devoted siblings, grumpy misers, starry-eyed lovers and devious theives through love triangles, enchanted forests and even a bit of magic on the quest for true love.

‘My Fair Lady’ by Feather Theatre Company

1st – 3rd March

A wager by Professor Higgins sets in motion a musical escapade in Victorian London with the transformation of Eliza Doolittle from flower seller to society beauty. But has he taken on more than he can handle, and at what expense?

‘London Road’ by Tone Deaf Theatre Company

8th – 10th March

London Road is a verbatim musical is set in and around London Road in Ipswich, Suffolk, during the Ipswich serial murders and subsequent trial of killer Steve Wright in 2006–2008. Neither the murdered women nor their killer are depicted, nor are the murders themselves; rather, the piece is concerned with the residents as they cope with the events unfolding around them, the media attention drawn to their neighbourhood, and their attempts to rebuild and regenerate their community afterwards.

‘I Love You Because: A Modern Day Muscial’ by Durham University Light Opera Group

8th – 10th March

In this modern twist on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice a young, uptight greeting card writer’s life is changed when he meets a flighty photographer and they learn to love each other not in spite of their faults, but because of them.

‘As You Like It’ by First Theatre Company

8th – 10th March

A son denied; a duke usurped. Banished from court, Rosalind and Orlando find themselves wandering in the enchanted Forest of Arden. ‘All the world’s a stage’ though, and the players play games of politics, power and love.

‘All Shook Up’ by Collingwood Woodplayers

8th – 11th March

In a 1950s American town outlawing “loud music, tight pants, and public necking”, a colourful cast of characters look to express themselves and find love through the hits of Elvis Presley!

‘Metamorphosis’ by Castle Theatre Company

15th – 17th March

A stunning physical adaptation of Kafka’s terrifying tale. Gregor Samsa wakes up one morning to discover he has turned into an insect. Horrified by this transformation, his family attempt to care for their son but find the cost altogether too high.