‘Lord of the Flies’: A Gala Theatre and Durham Student Theatre co-production

We are delighted to be co-producing this dramatic and compelling tale, with a professional director and designer, acted by students!
“A plane crashes on an uninhabited island and the only survivors, a group of school children, wait to be rescued. With no adult supervision, their freedom is something to celebrate; they can do anything they want. As they attempt to forge their own society, leaders are elected and splinter groups form. As order collapses, terror begins its reign an the children degenerate into savagery.”
This is a unique opportunity for Gala Theatre and Durham Student Theatre to make an ambitious and bold production of this modern British classic. 
If you are interested in helping us make this brilliant, timely show, we would like to hear from you!
There will be shadowing and assisting opportunities within the production team, alongside the professional credit offered to the cast.
If you are interested in specifically auditioning, a full casting breakdown will be issued but for now we know that we are looking for outstanding performers, collaborators and those willing to commit fully to the production.  The show will be cast gender and race blind.
This is a unique opportunity for those wanting to be part of a professional production, in particular those who will  going on to apply for drama school. This opportunity is open to students of all years – including finalists.
To put yourself forward for either a prodcution team assistant or an acting role, **please supply a performance CV and headshot to Rory Stuart, Arts Programme Assistant at [email protected] by 10th May 2019**. Template for this is on the members section of the website.
Who is Involved?
Alongside the full Gala Theatre staff team, the wider support of Durham County Council and a host of professional freelancers there are some key people to introduce you to.
Annie Rigby – Director
Annie Rigby is Artistic Director of Unfolding Theatre. She has directed award-winning productions for the company, including Putting The Band Back Together, Lands of Glass, Best in the World and Building Palaces. In 2018 she directed Durham Hymns at Durham Gala as well as Everything There Ever Was for East Durham Creates. Before founding Unfolding Theatre, Annie was Resident Director at Northern Stage where she directed Tattercoats, Thumbelina and The Golden Bird. 
Andrew Stephenson – Designer
Andrew is a Newcastle based designer who has worked extensively across the region, nationally  and internationally. Previous credits include Tattercoats, Thumbelina, The Prince and the Penguin and The Borrowers (Northern Stage) and The Fighting Bradfords (Gala Theatre).  He is currently working with Newtons Ladder.
Timelines and important dates:
Deadline for applications: 10 May
Auditions confirmed: 23 May                
Auditions and interviews: 8 – 14 June
Casting confirmed: 24 June
Rehearsals: w/c 9, 16 and 23 Sept
Tech: 26 – 29 Sept
Performances: 30 Sept – 5 Oct