This year has, without a question, been incredibly difficult for most students, and that is why we are particularly happy to share with you the news that Durham University Performing Arts has decided to support this year’s DSFC Spring Exhibition by sponsoring the three winners of their Digital Media category, one of the six categories in total.

The quality of the work submitted was exceptionally high, but after a long consideration three deserving winners, whose work addresses the important and timely issues of mental health and equality in society, were selected from well over a hundred entries: Winner Ellie Callender entered with ‘Remind’, a visualisation of memory loss and distortion of memories by time. In her GIF the art fluctuates between its original state into a confusing cacophony of colour that is hard to make out, quite like a fading memory. Runners up Abigail Telfer’s ‘inter(nal)reality’ is a visual representation of schizophrenia, that is often stigmatised or misunderstood by the wider world, whereas Ellie Mathers’ ‘Do You Know Who I am?’  highlights how our unique differences shape us all, yet we all are equal, fundamental particles of the whole, hence making it more valuable – even if we don’t always feel like it.

Now a brand-new end-of-year online exhibition has been created for all to see, bringing together works from across the school, and representing the resilience and creativity shown by the students, who have continued producing high-quality work throughout difficult circumstances throughout the lockdown.
The Exhibition can be viewed here: