The gold statue has been placed, envelopes opened and antics of those with their cameras on watched with joy by the more cowardly majority… the D’Oscars 2020 are finished.

Here is a roundup of the fantastic nominees and winners this year – congratulations to everyone involved! Special thanks to Anne-Marie Garrett, our wonderful outgoing Events Coordinator, who organised and hosted the awards ceremony. There will be a recorded version of the event to watch at a later date on the DST page.

Each section lists the nominees, with winners in bold.

Best Publicity РDuchess of Malfi, Mercury Fur, Oklahoma!, Going Postal, Holes 

Best Set Design – The Kitchen Sink, Sita, Bank, Oklahoma!, Mercury Fur, The Addams Family

Best Lighting Design – Laika, Oklahoma!, The Duchess of Malfi, Measure for Measure, Going Postal

Best Sound Design – Laika, Chicago, Mercury Fur, Oklahoma!, Dogfight, Going Postal

Best Onstage Mistake – Company (bed broke during sex scene); Three Sisters (a picture frame fell off the wall and shattered glass everywhere); The Kitchen Sink (the kitchen door that led offstage became stuck and as the actors wrestled with it to leave the stage, the whole flat nearly came down); The Addams Family (fire alarm evacuation on first night); Green Alert (the Cup and String ‘phone line’ to China broke mid performance, meaning that the cast had to imitate the string for the scene)

Best Costume, Hair and Makeup – Going Postal, Dogfight, The Addams Family, Oklahoma!, The Duchess of Malfi

Best Supporting Actress in a Musical/Opera – Miriam Templeman (Company), Izzy Mackie (Dogfight), Honor Halford-Macleod (Oklahoma!), Millie Blair (The Addams Family), Rose Galbraith (Company)

Best Supporting Actor in a Musical/Opera – Ralph Skan (Oklahoma!), Kane Taylor (Oklahoma!), Damon Cleaver (The Addams Family), Owen Kennedy (Oklahoma!), Ben Stonely (Disco Inferno), Adam Hargreaves (Dogfight)

Best Supporting Actor – Richard Sharpe (Going Postal), Ben Willows (The Duchess of Malfi), Rahul Shah (Lungbarrow’s Insomnia), Owen Kennedy (Mercury Fur), Romily Carboni (Holes)

Best Supporting Actress – Isabella Thompson (Fishbowl), Anna Birakos (Mercury Fur), Athena Tzallas (Sparks); Layla Chowdhury (Mercury Fur), Antonia Hogan (Holes)

Best Actor in a Musical/Opera – Charlie Nicholson (Dogfight), Owen Kennedy (Company), Mark Woods (Oklahoma!), Alex Comaish (Disco Inferno), Alex McWilliam (The Addams Family)

Best Actress in a Musical/Opera – Rose Galbraith (Oklahoma!), Nina Hayward (Grease), Maddy Steggall (The Addams Family), Isla Brendon (Dogfight), Lily Ashley (Disco Inferno), Poppy Metherell (Eugene Onegin)

Best Actor – Charlie Howe (Death of a Salesman), Mungo Russell (Holes), Jack Firoozan (Tourists), Jack Firoozan (Mercury Fur); Ben Smart (Bank)

Best Actress – Iz McGrady (Laika), Gayaneh Vlieghe (Sparks), Henrie Allen (Holes), Isabelle Bull (Going Postal), Charlie Culley (Measure for Measure)

Best Band – Oklahoma!, Dogfight, Company, Going Postal, Disco Inferno

Best Tech – The Duchess of Malfi, Oklahoma!, Five Kinds of Silence, Going Postal, Chicago, Disco Inferno

Best Ensemble – Disco Inferno, Oklahoma!, Lungbarrow’s Insomnia, Chicago, Dogfight

Best Choreographer – Gabriella Sills, Millie Blair, Siobhan Gardner, Molly-Rose Bryson and Amry Singshacakul, Lauren Williams

Best Musical Director – Honor Halford-Macleod, Matt Barlett, Josh Powell, Katie Foster, Aidan Hughes and Damon Cleaver

Best Technical Director – Anna Bodrenkova, Freddy Sherwood, James Goodall, Emily Rose Jupe, Emma Stephens

Best Comedy – KEITH: Table for One, The Good, The Bad and The Durham Revue, Holes, Going Postal, Twelfth Night

Best College Musical – We’ll Have Nun of It, Disco Inferno, Chicago, The Addams Family, Grease

Best College Play – The Importance of Being Earnest, Mrs Dalloway, Love Labours Lost, Twelfth Night, Death of a Salesman

Best Producer – Kate Pesenti, Sol Noya, Alice Aucott, John Duffett, Bea Perez Benn

Best Director – Layla Chowdhury, Cait Mahoney, Esalan Gates, Lowri Mathias, Peter Firbank

Best Musical/Opera – Dogfight, Chicago, Oklahoma!, Disco Inferno, Company

Best Play – Death of a Salesman, Mercury Fur, Holes, Twelfth Night, Going Postal

Best New Writing – We’ll Have Nun of It, Laika, Bank, KEITH: Table for One, Lungbarrow’s Insomnia