It has been an absolute honour to direct one of TRAILER/trash’s first public performances. Upon my first reading of the script, I immediately fell in love with the characters and exploration of the complex issues in such a human way. I am so grateful to Mike for granting the rights and being so supportive throughout the process. The news at the moment is incredibly depressing in regards to the lives of trans people, so to put on a play featuring a trans actor playing a trans character feels very poignant. I have also been educated and inspired learning about life as a POC sex worker while crafting the character of Shyanne.

The whole team has been incredible to work with, they are all so talented and can’t wait to see what they do next. Finally, thank you to the audience for coming along. Prepare to be educated, inspired and most importantly Be More Whale.

By Maddie Hurley

TRAILER/trash is performing at Allington House until the 11th March

Photo Credits: Perception Theatre Company