Lauren Peach:

For me, directing a full-length production with First Theatre Company for the very first time has been an incredible experience. Every single member of the crew, including myself and co-director Moritz, producer Matilda, and production manager Carrie, has effortlessly worked in tandem with each other to make this production one to remember for us all. It has been an enlightening, unforgettable experience for me and I am so incredibly proud of what we have all put into it. The cast has been amazing – each one of them possesses so much talent! – and overall, despite its challenges, we have absolutely pulled through. It really has been an honour to direct this show, and I hope every single member of the audience will enjoy it just as much as I have enjoyed working on it!

Moritz Afridi:

Working on this show has been absolutely wonderful, and I could not have asked for a more compatible co-director, a more efficient producer, a more skilled production manager, more helpful mentors, nor a more talented and hard-working cast!! 🙂 Everyone involved in this production should be incredibly proud of the end product—you’ve created such an intensely emotional performance, which is not an easy feat!! I hope everyone who watches appreciates the immense effort that went into this phenomenal show. <3

First Theatre Company’s The Shadow Box will show in Hild Bede’s Joachim Room at 19:30 on Thursday to Saturday the 16th to 18th of November.