Lauren Brewer & Megan Cooper

We know what you’re all thinking… The Addams Family in June, some things just make sense. The Addams love nothing more than darkness, grief and unspeakable sorrow, relatable content for finalists this term. But all joking aside, we truly believe few things will ever be as perfect as this show at this time. 

Beyond their penchant for darkness, there are so many things to learn from this family. They accept each other completely, champion the extraordinary and in the face of adversity rally and overcome. This rehearsal process, culminating in an intensive final week of 10am-7pm days has encouraged us to learn from the Addams and their kooky ways constantly. We are so exceptionally proud of every member of this team who have come together to make our own, just as unique, Addams family. 

Perhaps the thing we are most proud of with this show is how it embraces the theme of change in every aspect. For both of us, this will be our final major production in Durham, but it is just the beginning of other people’s journeys with DST. In every department there are people learning the ropes alongside the very best at their craft in Durham. The cast alone is as varied as they come in terms of experience including exceptional debuts from Becca Wright and Lengana Mashaphu and the incomparable talents of Anna Kendall and Ben Osland, BNOCs of the Durham theatre world, leading the company as Morticia and Gomez, with unparalleled charisma, chemistry and campness! 

As for the two of us, co-directing this show feels like the perfect conclusion to both of our times at Durham, having worked together in our first year on a show that never got performed (RIP A Mother’s War 2020, gone but never forgotten). The experience has been so rewarding, getting to collaborate and bounce off of each other’s ideas, and we are both so grateful for the opportunity to finally finish a project together. And what a team to do it with! A huge thank you must go to our exceptional Assistant Director, Emily Phillips for all her hard work, and to the choreographers, whose outstanding work we are excited to see in all its glory on the AR stage. To the obscenely talented Josh and Lucy, thank you for being the M to our Ds and bringing constant insight and attention to detail, and our wonderful producers Jen, Bri and Georgia, without whom we would be lost. All of the ambitious and dedicated tech team, you have been a complete joy to work with, thank you for bringing our creative vision to life.

To the cast, we adore you, thank you for filling each of your roles so perfectly and bringing boundless energy, laughs and friendship to this process. And to you, the audience, we hope you enjoy moving towards the darkness as much as we have… 

Lauren: Are you unhappy, my darling? 

Megan: Oh yes, yes. Completely. 

The Addams Family is playing at the Assembly Rooms Theatre from 8th – 11th June