My first show in Durham was the 2021 Ooook! Sitcom, Miranda, which did indeed win best play at last year’s Doscars hehe. In the wings of the last show Emily turned round to me and said let’s write Gavin and Stacey for next year. I obliged and nothing else was said until we were at Fringe together and we started writing the show. Nearly a year later, here we are with a fully formed show in the AR ready to perform for you all! 

This show has definitely been a handful and has been put together in the last 3 weeks! The work that has gone into this show from all sides, cast, production team and creative team has been immeasurable and we are all so excited for you all to see the literal blood sweat and tears that have gone into putting this show together. If you don’t know the story of Gavin and Stacey, that is absolutely fine! The show is a very easy plot to follow with the key aims of family, love and acceptance resonating with all cast in each of their lines, and they have truly embodied the characters and brought them to life on the stage. 

Special praises must go to Jacob Marshall, our PM, and Joyanne Chan, our producer. The amount of tech and set that is involved in this show is immeasurable and Jacob has, dare I say, slayed. The set and lighting for this show are insane and I cannot thank him enough! Joyanne has made sure that our publicity is always up to date, from the beach to carpool karaoke, it was all Joyanne! She truly is the queen of producing! 

It has been a joy working with Emily again and like always I have enjoyed every minute of it! She truly is an amazing writer, director and sister! That being said, I invite you to come watch this comical love story spreading across two nations, and who knows, maybe you will find out what happens on that fishing trip?!

By Jacob Vellucci 

If you’d have told 1st year Jacob and I that our crazy back stage plan, hatched during Miranda, to put on Gavin and Stacey would have actually happened, we wouldn’t have believed you. I’m glad we did, however, as working on this show with my best friend and theatrical partner in crime has been the journey of a lifetime. From re-enacting the whole script together back home (playing all the parts), to watching our vision come to life with our incredible cast, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

With our experience in Ooook!‘s Miranda proving so formative and influential for both Jacob and I, we were so excited to be passed the Sit-Com baton this year. A show about family, friendship and embracing each-others differences, Gavin and Stacey is a timeless comedy loved by the nation. We couldn’t think of a better show to Grace the AR stage and to inject some fun into exam season. 

Lastly I’d just like to thank our incredible cast, without whom, we wouldn’t have been able to bring these incredible characters and stories to life. It’s been an utter joy Woking with every single one of them, and I can safely say we’ve all had the time of our lives.

By Emily Phillips