Three first time directors undertook the challenge of putting on a logistically complex play in a week and a half. Despite being named ‘Bedroom Farce’ it only later dawned on us that three beds were required for the production. Attempting to source these only became part of what has been a great experience and it’s safe to say we’ve learnt a lot along the way. The final result would not be possible without the talent and hard-work of all of our wonderful cast. It was a pleasure watching them bring the characters to life and fully embraced the farcical nature of the production with expert comedic timing. With the stage set and opening night looming, we managed to resist the urge to fall asleep in the beds. Many thanks also goes to our producer, Hope Maxwell, also without whom the show would not be possible. We hope you have as much fun watching the show as we have putting it on. We leave you on a note to come watch the bonkers show (in Dom’s words ‘remember guys, it’s a farce’), mostly so lugging three beds up to Grey was not in vain.

By Hidayat, Dom and Amy

Bedroom Farce is performing in Fountain’s Hall, Grey College, until the 17th June

Photo Credits: Phoenix Theatre Company