1TC aims to provide support and opportunities for first-time directors and production team members in Durham by providing funding, advice and training.

Our main goal to help new directors put on their first show in Durham, yet the company also works with first time production teams to expand DST’s pool of talent. All of our shows are pitched to us by our directors and we pride ourselves on our inclusivity and receptiveness to new and exciting ideas.


Previous Shows

Meeting Room 7: 

“All of the cast must be praised for their dedication to their characters and the incredible realism with which they portray them; this truly is an ensemble piece with each flawless actor getting their moments to shine” (Palatinate)

The Pillowman:

“The play is a bewildering mixture of barbarity and beauty mixed with hilarity and an extremely talented cast” (Palatinate) 

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof:

“A tense and vulnerable exploration of some of the worst parts of human nature, and the production rightly places the genuinely exceptional actors at its heart” (Palatinate)