1TC aims to provide support and opportunities for first-time directors and production team members in Durham by providing funding, advice and training.

Our main goal to help new directors put on their first show in Durham, yet the company also works with first time production teams to expand DST’s pool of talent. All of our shows are pitched to us by our directors and we pride ourselves on our inclusivity and receptiveness to new and exciting ideas.


Previous shows

The Most Expensive Orgy in History 

“The play digs beneath the surface to expose the insecurities of their marriage, and their egos. The strength of the play is how it captures that contrast, through ambitious writing, energetic direction and a selection of moving performances.” (Palatinate) -December 2019

The Homecoming 

“The directorial vision allowed Pinter’s undervalued comedic elements to shine whilst maintaining its menacing discussion of family dynamics and sexual relations, aided by one of the strongest ensemble performances this year.” (First Night) – March 2020


“Overall, MARTHA. does not tackle mass political division or include any fast-paced car chases, but it does magnify the minutiae of the human heart, dissecting its insecurities and incongruities that lockdown intensified for all of us. In this way, Willows’ play truly is a tale of our times.” (Palatinate) – April 2021