DOE is Durham’s leading opera society that puts on at least three operatic productions or concerts each year, ranging from fully staged opera to concert operas and operettas. The society is incredibly passionate about giving Durham students the chance to engage with this incredible art form, which is more uncommon in the North East. We also work to make the genre accessible to students and audiences, such as through singing in English and choosing music suitable for young voices. The society has performed in a wide variety of top venues in Durham including the Assembly Rooms Theatre, the Gala Theatre and Durham Castle’s magnificent Great Hall.

Whether it be through roles in the cast, the crew, the orchestra or production team, there are plenty of opportunities with DOE for anyone looking to develop their skills and be a part of the wonderful community of opera!

Previous shows

Dido and Aeneas:

“Dido and Aeneas was a beautiful piece whose cast and crew oozed so much talent that it left me so impressed to the point where I find myself almost speechless” (The Bubble)

Don Giovanni:

“The direction is all-around completely accessible and considered, and the musical performances are not to be missed” (First Night)

Mixed Messages:

“Mixed Messages, as performed by the Durham Opera Ensemble, was a love letter to opera, and provided a refreshing twist on classic music” (First Night)