Durham Improvised Musical is just what it says on the tin.

The audience gives us a name of a song, a starting location and the title of the show and from that we create a brand new musical in front of your eyes. We often perform in very relaxed settings on sundays in venues such as AR and the Dowrick suite.

We also provide a ‘singing’ waiter service where we take our talents to unsuspecting formal & ball go-ers. 


President – Isabel Raby

Previous shows

New and DIM-proved
“DIM provided a stupidly entertaining ride”  (First Night)
March 2018

DIM Does St. Patrick’s Day: A Sham-rockin’ Special
“The word most appropriate for this performance is coherent. The five-strong cast, pianist, and technical director stayed on the same wave-length throughout, as cogs in their improvised musical machine.” (First Night)
March 2018

DIM Presents: The DIM-Reaper 
“Walking into a production by Durham Improvised Musical (DIM) is always a provoking experience. The audience enters feeling in equal parts excited and apprehensive, sharing the presumed nerves of the cast at the prospect of an hour of off-the-cuff action. . The formula is simple, yet effective: the cast choose a location, a song title, and a production name from the audience’s suggestions and transform it into a raucous improvised musical comedy.” (First Night)
October 2017