Durham Student Theatre acts as a umbrella society, representing Durham’s most successful theatre companies. This year we have 25 constituent theatre companies. Read more about them below.

DST Theatre Companies

DST Theatre Companies are facilitated by Experience Durham and each one brings something unique to our theatre scene.

Buttered Toast

Presidents: Andrew Cowburn and Barnabas Mercer

Specialises in new writing, producing showcases for emerging writers.

Durham Improvised Musical

President: Sam Baumal

Durham Improvised Musical is just what it says on the tin.

Durham Opera Ensemble

President: Rosie Burgering

The university’s leading opera group.

The Durham Revue

President: Hamish Lloyd-Barnes

Established in 1974, The Durham Revue is Durham’s longest-running sketch comedy troupe.

Durham University Classical Theatre

President: Harry Scholes

DUCT is committed to producing the best of classical theatre.

Durham University Light Opera Group

President: Caroline Mosimann

DULOG is Durham’s largest musical theatre society.

First Theatre Company

President: Alex Julian-Ottie and Zoe Rucker

1TC aims to provide support and opportunities for first-time directors and producers.

Fourth Wall

Presidents: Hetty Hodgson, Charlie Whitehead, and Jack (Atticus) Whitmore

Fourth Wall is dedicated to staging high-quality dramas, as well as producing translated works.

Letterbox Productions

President: Alice Chambers and Helena Snider

Letterbox Productions is an exciting theatre company that works to connect the stage with the silver screen!

Ooook! Productions

President: William Hewitt

Ooook! is a friendly and outreaching theatre company, specialising in comedy productions.

Pitch Productions

Presidents: Kailin Solomons

A new theatre company providing an open, fostering platform for theatre makers and emerging writers alike.

Sightline Productions

President: Angharad Phillips

Sightline Productions is an outreach theatre company providing a platform for the underrepresented.

Tone Deaf Theatre Company

President: Rebecca Kingston

TDTC was founded with with the aim of bringing small cast modern musicals to Durham.

Wrong Tree

President: Hiba Benhamed

Durham’s only devised theatre group, focusing on ensemble practice.

College Theatre Companies

College Theatre Companies are run and managed by the JCR of the individual colleges at the univeristy. Some of these are open to all regardless of their college, others are college-only theatre companies.

Bailey Theatre Company

President: Joe Pape

Bailey Theatre Company of St. John’s College intends to continue producing original plays.

Castle Theatre Company

President: Jennifer Baker

CTC is the oldest and one of the largest theatre companies, staging shows within Durham Castle.

Collingwood Woodplayers

Presidents: Martin Docherty and Martin Shore

The Woodplayers perform four shows each year – including a musical, and are based at Collingwood college.

Cuth’s Drama Society

President: Fiona Monk

St. Cuthbert’s college theatrical society, offering both university-wide and college-only productions.

Feather Theatre Company

President: Lizzie Strahan

Van Mildert’s official theatre group, offering both college-only and university-wide productions.

Foot of the Hill Theatre

President: Hannah Ambrose and Stacey Cockram

The Foot of the Hill Theatre” is based at St Mary’s College and run by Mary’s Drama society.

Hild Bede Theatre

President: Emily Harlow and Rosie Dart

Hild Bede Theatre is the largest college drama society in Durham. A vibrant community staging a minimum of three shows a year.

Lion Theatre Company

President: Andrew Cowburn

Lion Theatre Company (LTC), Hatfield College’s drama society.

Phoenix Theatre Company

President: Cameron Yule

Grey College’s very own theatre company, which strives to help both Grey and non-Grey students alike realise their theatrical visions.

Society of Theatrical Arts at Butler

Presidents: John Broadhead and John Duffett

STAB is the Society of Theatrical Arts at Butler. We are still a theatre group ‘in the making’ and very open for ideas and new people!

St. Chad’s College Green Door Theatre Company

President: Adam Hargreaves

Green Door is St Chad’s College’s resident theatre company.

Trevelyan College Musical Society

President: Jacob Bie

Trevelyan College Musical Society provides the colleges annual musical, created and performed by the fantastic talent of Trevelyan students!